About music :: Composer Ruta Paidere

Ruta Paidere

Ehrenbergstraße 56

22767 Hamburg

+49 177 9770630


Dense, multi-layered harmonic textures and complex rhythmical structures are characteristic to the majority of R. Paidere’s compositions, resulting in saturated and intense sound. Highly precise dynamic markings are also typical to Ruta’s musical handwriting, indicating her particular interest in spatial aspects. 

Compositions of the recent years feature geometric precision of form; musical material is often developed within extensive, juxtaposed fields that – albeit only in this one aspect – suggest similarities with the genre of minimalism. The musical development processes in the opuses of Ruta Paidere have a certain static quality, however, internal tensions are continuously maintained and cultivated. 

Impressions from extraneous sources often find their way into Ruta’s music, most often bearing literary origins; however, these impulses undergo only indirect translations in relation to the structures that constitute compositions. They rather create the required, unique atmosphere for the commencement of a piece – a certain overall idea of composition’s character and ambience, or, to put it in other words – an isolated imaginary space that cradles a new idea. 

Ruta Paidere has created numerous chamber music opuses for various ensemble setups, compositions for orchestra as well as music for radio and theatre plays.


Gundega Šmite, composer and musicologist