Et cetera :: komponiste Ruta Paidere

Ruta Paidere

Ehrenbergstraße 56

22767 Hamburg

The Dilemma of a Latvian Composer

A research about the status quo of a latvian composer in the 21th. century from the historical background

Par kokiem aiz meža (About the tree behind the forest)

Is our musical taste connected with our cognitive style?

Pirmā reize jeb nenorakt puķi (The first time or do not bury the flower), P.40

Polemical essay about the rule of the premiere in todays concert programs

Punktgenau ausnotiert?

KLANG, April–September 2014

Klausīties.Mūziku (Listen. To Music), P.57

An essay about the quality of the listening of the music

Vai ideoloģiju sadursme? (An ideological clash?)

Political comment in the latvian political magazine IR